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Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Book Through A Travel Agent

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

The internet makes it easy to book travel and many people go about this route. However, sifting through thousands of options or attempting to understand logistics of getting from point A to point B can be very stressful. Have no fear... your travel agent is here! These are the top 10 reasons to use a travel agent:

1. We Are Real People - Not A Website

You aren't just another dollar sign to us. We understand your needs as a human being. No computer algorithm can do that. We relate to what you need and can give you the best suggestions.

My favorite thing about cruising: the open seas / via Destinations by Courtney

2. We Do The Hard Work For You

We love what we do. Planning is in our blood. We can put together a week long itinerary with our eyes closed. However, many people are not like us and we know this. We know some of our clients tend to procrastinate due the stress of travel planning, which can make things worse in the end. Don't get to the point where you need a vacation from your vacation. Your job is to relax. Planning for travel should not be another full time job - that's why we do it!

My mother thought it would be funny to let me think the bird pooped on me mid-picture! / via Destinations by Courtney

3. We Add Value With Extras & Bonus

We get the inside scoop and many times we are able to score you some great add-ons, such as free onboard credit during your cruise or upgrades - simply because you booked through us! This is because we are partnered with the biggest brands in tourism and they love working with travel agents.

Cruise lines run promotions only travel agents have access to - don't you want the inside scoop? / via Destinations by Courtney

4. We're Insiders... Been There, Done That!

We are travel agents for a reason: We. Love. Travel. We specialize in destinations we've been to and are passionate about, which is a bonus for you since we've already experienced it first hand! We know where the hot spots are and which places to avoid at all costs. We can provide accurate instructions on how to find the correct train platform. We know which hotels offer top notch experience and which ones don't. If you book through us, you can guarantee your trip will be perfect!

Since I traveled to Japan, I know how the JR passes work and which one you should buy for your trip / via Destinations By Courtney

5. We Save You Time And Money

We get it. Our clients lead busy lives. The last thing you want to do is to waste time going in circles on confusing booking sites. The best thing about booking with a travel agent is our vast knowledge of multiple destinations. We are experts in the field of travel. We've already done our work and are able to get you options quickly. We also get the heads up on deals from our travel partners, many times days in advance! We can't guarantee a discount every time, but we are going to find you the best price available.

My family on our tour bus in Cuba / via Destinations By Courtney

6. We Get What You Want

We're going to check off every box on your list. It's important to us we meet your needs. We also understand everyone has different preferences. You want the perfect All-Inclusive resort for your honeymoon? Or the right theme park package for your family? Lucky for you, we know the just the thing.

Overlooking Havana (and our cruise ship!) / via Destinations By Courtney

7. My Service Doesn't End With A Sale

This is the downside to online booking platforms: you are on your own. If something goes wrong or you need to make a correction, these online booking platforms won't help you, not unless you pay a fee. Many times, a travel agent can solve your problems quickly and without additional fees. We are right there with you from the beginning to absolute end. It's important to us to keep your trip as low stress as possible. You can be confident you are in capable hands.

My clients, the MacDonald family, exploring Nova Scotia! I was there to help them when their flight home was delayed (especially when the airline was not helpful) / via Jane MacDonald

8. I'm Always A Phone Call Away

No more waiting on hold for hours (that's our job)! It's easy to get in contact with us. Because we are real people, you receive personalized service. We care about our clients and we will make sure we are there for you when you need us.

Ghost hunting with my mom in Key West / via Destinations By Courtney

9. You Get To Shop Local

We're your friendly neighborhood travel agent! Many of us are small businesses or operate our own travel agencies. When you shop local, you are helping make our dreams a reality.

Experiencing the Key West Express out of Fort Myers - which is right down the street from me! / via Marcia Hanlon

10. The Best One Of All: Our Amazing Services Are FREE!

That's right, it costs you NOTHING to book through us! Aside from very special circumstances, it only costs you the price of your trip.

Exploring a temple in Asakusa, Tokyo, Japan / via Destinations By Courtney

If you are looking to book with a travel agent for your next trip, click on the logo below to get started!


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